New Zealand Artist Jude Lambert


Jude Lambert Pet Portraits

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I am a specialist watercolour artist with 35 years of experience in Illustration and Portrait painting. Jude Lambert aka Judy Lambert

Watercolour is a spontaneous and intuitive medium so it is ideal to use to catch and bring to life the unique character of your pet. The image I make will last you a lifetime.

Ideally I work from photographs, most importantly one that resonates with the relationship you share with your pet but also a few others that will round out my ability to express that special character. We can discuss this further when you contact me.

I also work in ink line, as in the portrait of Khan below, and graphite pencil if you feel one of these would suit you better.

Contact me at or by phone at 0064 9 282 8084

A donation of $25 will be made to the Blind Foundation Guide Dog Appeal with every commission.

The average price is $300 - based on the size of 26cm by 24cm  (10" by 13")