Unique original oil painting editions

Unique Original oil painting  Editions
This work is an original  oil painting and a combination of mixed media . It is ready to hang.
The background is taken from the original oil painting and produced in Giclee format on stretched canvas . The next stage the artist  finishes the painting by retouching and adding new  finishes to the composition. The central part of this work is completely unique and original to this edition, every edition will have its own original features and a certificate of authenticity provided by the artist.
In this way the artist is able to offer an original piece at very substantial  savings to the buyer.
There is no need to identify as a numbered edition as it is a uniquely original piece and signed by the artist.
The quality of the work is  excellent and will last for 75 years plus .Care should always be taken not to hang artworks in direct sunlight  or damp areas.
All work is copyright of the artist any infringement will be vigorously pursued.